What is there to say about I Prevail’s live shows that hasn’t been said already. The band does an incredible job of bringing the best elements of post-hardcore rock, metalcore, pop-punk, and hard rock together to a musical blend that’s impossible to resist. The instrumentation and lyrics, combined with that I Prevail sound is sizzling hot and has kept fans screaming and dancing during many of their live shows. 

It helps that I Prevail has a powerful stage presence that outshines the stage lighting creating a focal point that demands your attention. Whether you’re listening to the lyrics, the instruments, or just watching the band work, they will grab you by the hair and pull you in for the show of a lifetime. But even when the band plays their most aggressive music, there’s an undeniable intimacy where it feels like the band is playing to you and you alone. And it’s this magic that makes I Prevail one of the hottest bands around.

July 2024

August 2024