Are you looking for hot I Prevail tracks you might have missed? Or maybe you want to recommend this band to someone and don’t know where to start. This short list of essential songs should get you started.

First check out “Low” which is an incredible song that hits a high note on an already amazing album. THe songs on ‘Trauma’ hit some deep notes while the band sings about depression and other heavier topics. But the melodies and harmonies are too rich to keep you down even with the heavy subject matter.

And speaking of heavy songs, “Alone” is a cool song about relationships. But it’s not about fresh love or even heartbreak, but more about that moment when an argument ends without reconciliation. If you’ve ever had an argument with a loved one that ended without real resolution, then this song will speak to you.

Finally, be sure you check out “Bow Down”  This song opens the Trauma album and comes out swinging with that heavy aggression you expect from “hard as diamonds” rock. The screaming is on point and the guitar is very powerful.